About This Site

All items provided herein are for informational purposes only. Although it is believed to be reliable, it is not guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness. The Florida Statutes, along with the Rules adopted by the State Board of Administration of Florida (SBA), are the authoritative source on all Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (FHCF) policies and requirements.

This site contains commonly requested public information regarding the FHCF. The FHCF is a state trust fund under the direction and control of the SBA. Paragon Strategic Solutions Inc. serves as the FHCF Administrator and the Actuarial Consultant to the SBA, and maintains this web site.

The information contained herein is organized by Insurer Information (including the annual Reimbursement Contract, Data Call instructions, Member Handbook, and Rates) and Insurer Loss Reporting (including loss reporting requirements and instructions, a link to the FHCF Online Claims system, and examination related information). Under either section, users may select the applicable FHCF Contract Year.

An overview of the FHCF is available on the SBA web site at https://fhcf.sbafla.com.