2022/2023 Frequently Asked Questions

The following is provided for informational purposes only to provide clarification and to assist companies in accurately reporting exposure and losses. Although it is believed to be reliable, it is not guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness. The Florida Statutes, along with the Rules adopted by the State Board of Administration of Florida (SBA), are the authoritative source on all FHCF policies and requirements. Throughout the course of each contract year, questions arise regarding various FHCF issues. The following document includes questions and answers regarding the 2022/2023 FHCF contract year. The Q & A’s are organized into five main topics:
  • Covered Policy
  • Exposure/Data Call Reporting
  • SBA Examination - Exposure Reporting
  • Loss Reporting
  • SBA Examination - Loss Reporting
2022/2023 Frequently Asked Questions
Last Update 2022/07/05